• Participants and Rewards

    How to Join

    If you are a CLP residential customer, there are three simple steps to activate your Power Connect account: 

    Step 1: Fill in your email address and contact number. 
    Step 2: Fill in your CLP electricity account number and your name (English) or CLP online account login name and password.
    Step 3: Choose your selected welcome offer and the disadvantaged group you want to support.

  • Participants & Rewards

    Offers & Rewards

    Welcome Gift

    Earn 250 Eco Points upon first-time successful activation.  

    Energy Saving Rewards  

    1. Bi-monthly Savings: 200 Eco Points if your home energy consumption is lower compared with the same period in the previous year.
    2. Summer Savings: Smart gadgets worth HK$3,000 for the top 200 household savers in terms of energy saving percentage compared with the previous year.
    3. Year-round Savings: 500 Eco Points for the top 1,000 households, and Smart gadgets worth HK$5,000 for the top 100 households in terms of energy saving percentage compared with the previous year.

    Other Offer 

    1. Joining Green Bill 250 Points
    2. Per Green Bill 50 Points
    3. Monthly Energy Saving Quiz 50 Points
    4. Play games at Smart [email protected] Kok can earn up to 250 points

    For details, please click here.


  • Participants and Rewards

    Rewards for You

    You can use the Eco Points you earn to redeem a wide variety of rewards including air miles, theme park tickets, movie tickets, wet-market coupons, smart appliances, and dining coupons. Stay tuned for updates on an exciting range of rewards.

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