• Participants and Rewards

    How to Join

    If you are a CLP residential customer, just follow these three simple steps to activate your online account and join Power Connect

    Step 1: Download CLP app
    Step 2: First time login and bind your CLP online account
    Step 3: Enjoy welcome offer and redeem points for a wide range of rewards

  • Participants & Rewards

    Offers & Rewards

    Welcome Gift

    Earn 500 Eco Points by joining our “Power Connect” upon first time activating and binding CLP online account ;

    Energy Saving Rewards  

    1. Bi-monthly Savings: Customer who successfully saved electricity compared to the same period last year will be awarded 200 Eco Points
    2. Summer Savings: The top 200 households with the highest percentage of energy saving will be awarded a HK$3,000 coupon.
    3. Year-round Savings: The top 1,000 households with the highest percentage of energy saving will be awarded 500 Eco Points. And an extra HK$5,000 coupon will be awarded to the top 100 households.

    Other Offer 

    For details, please click here.


  • Participants and Rewards

    Rewards for You

    EARN your Eco Points now by using our e-Services or joining the Power Connect activities; meanwhile you could also REDEEM Eco Points when buying smart gadgets, energy efficient home appliances at special discounts or getting fabulous gifts.


    To provide a better experience to our customers, CLP “Smart Shopping” has been operated and managed by CLPe Commerce Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited, with effect from 1st April 2021.

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