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    Saving energy and helping people in need is a rewarding part of your daily life. Join us and be an energy saver. Power Connect, an energy saving initiative to help people in need, encourages residential customers to reduce electricity consumption and enjoy a series of exciting rewards year-round. At the same time, it helps underprivileged people reduce their electricity bills.


  • About Power Connect

    Key Dates

    • Period:​

      From 01 January – 31 December Each Year

      Note: You can choose the disadvantaged group you want to support, as well as joining the Bi-Monthly Savings, Summer Savings and Year-Round Savings programmes by activating your Power Connect account.

    • Energy Saving Rewards Period:

      1. Bi-monthly Saving: Compare your home energy consumption with the same period in the previous year

      2. Summer Saving: Compare your home energy consumption in July and August with the previous year

      3. Annual Saving: Compare your home energy consumption over the course of the year with the previous year

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