• First Reward - Energy Saving Video Quiz

    Summer is the peak season for energy use. We can ease the impact of global warming by saving energy together. To encourage energy conservation and promote energy efficiency, a Summer Energy Saving Combo is launched by Power Connect programme to provide customers with the opportunity to reduce their energy consumption in the summer, helping the environment and earning exciting rewards at the same time.


    First Reward - Energy-Saving Video Quiz

    Simply watch the following energy saving videos and answer questions to earn 500 Eco Points for each video. You can earn up to 1,500 Eco Points. Sign up now.

    Participation Method: 

    (1) Watch the energy-saving videos;
    (2) Ready your CLP electricity account number;
    (3) Answer questions and submit your response using the online forms.


    Activity period: 15 June 2020 – 30 September 2020


    (1) Energy Saving Video 1 : Save Energy, Save the Earth

    Click here to answer the questions 

    (2) Energy Saving Video 2 : Save Energy this Summer

    Click here to answer the questions 

    (3) Energy Saving Video 3 : Competition in Summer Energy Saving Queen

    Click here to answer the questions 


    (Remark: Each CLP residential account will be rewarded once only.)


    Answer announcement date:  2 October 2020


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