• Earn Points Strategy

    Strategies to earn Eco-points
    Eco Points Earned
    Successfully activate your Power Connect account 250 points
    Joining Green Bill 250 Points
    Per Green Bill 50 Points
    Participate in Connect Activity 250 Points
    Support Social Enterprise (Customers can enjoy 500 Eco Point on every purchase above $50 from the listed social enterprise.) 500 Points
    Bi-monthly Saving (Home energy consumption is lower compared with the same period in the previous year) 200 Points
    Year-round Savings (Household savers who reduce their consumption over the course of the year in terms of energy saving percentage compared with the previous year. The top 1,000 households will earn Eco Points.) 500 Points
    Monthly Energy Saving Quiz (You can accept the challenge of our Energy Saving Quiz while three random energy saving related questions will be asked every time. If you can answer all 3 questions correctly, you will earn 50 Eco Points. You need to wait 30 days to earn your points through Energy Saving Quiz again.) 50 Points
    Smart [email protected] Kok provide smart electricity services and promoting smart home living to customers, offering customers a rare chance to personally experience and appreciate the benefits of a full range of smart home products and technologies. By playing the interactive games, customers can transfer you score to Eco-points, and earn up to 250 eco-points. (Offer is subject to terms and conditions) Up to 250 points
    From now on to 15 Dec you can enjoy 500 Eco-points by successfully referring to join Power Connect. Upon reaching each 5 successful referrals, 2 movie tickets will be awarded. More you refer, more Eco-points and movie tickets can earn. Please click here for the details 500 Points
    From now on to 15 Dec, the new account which you successfully referred can earn extra 500 Eco-points. Please click here for the details 500 Points

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