• Earn Points Strategy

    Save and Earn

    Strategies to earn Eco-points
    Eco Points Earned

    Bi-monthly Saving
    (Home energy consumption is lower compared with the same period in the previous year.) [Details]

    200 points per bill

    Annual Saving
    (The top 1,000 households with the highest energy saving percentage compared with previous year will earn Eco Points.) [Details]

    500 points per year

    Monthly Energy Saving Quiz 
    (Earn 50 Points by correctly answer all questions in our energy saving Quiz.) [Details]

    50 points every 30 days

    Benchmarking Bonus
    (A benchmarking bonus would be given based on comparing your electricity consumption of your most recent electricity bill with households of similar floor area and nearby location.) [Details]

    Max. 250 points per bill

    Help and Earn

    Strategies to earn Eco-points
    Eco Points Earned
    Participate in Connect Activity [Details] 250 points each

    Support Social Enterprise
    During the promotion period from now till 31st December 2021, you will be rewarded with 500 Eco Points for every single purchase of HK$50 or above in total, than you can get a maximum of 2,500 Eco Points per month.[Details]

    Max. 2,500 points per month

    Go Digital and Earn

    Strategies to earn Eco-points
    Eco Points Earned
    Joining eBill Notification [Details] 500 points once
    Per eBill Notification [Details] 100 points per bill
    By playing EE&C Tips Mobile Game at Smart [email protected] Kok, customers can earn up to 250 eco-points [Details] up to 250 points
    First-time login in and bind CLP online account [Details] 500 points once
    Apply Electricity and Name Transfer service online only [Details] 500 points once
    Join Power Connect STEM course [Details] 500 points each

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