• Connecting People with Love 123GO! Help & Earn

    To enhance customers’ understanding of the beneficiary groups involved in the Power Connect programme while maintaining social distancing, CLP teamed up with green social enterprises including Nature Bathing and Silver Yoga and hosted a variety of Digital Connect Activities. The activities aim to connect the community with love by working with people and organisations in all walks of life to spread the message of energy saving and caring.


    Customers can earn 250 Eco Points for completing each activity (Each CLP residential account can be entered only once.). Please click here for event highlights.


    Apart from taking part in the Digital Connect Activity, customers can also earn Eco Points by purchasing from green social enterprises. From now until 31 December 2021, customers who spend HK$50 or more in a single purchase from one of the designated social enterprises will earn 500 Eco Points. Each account can earn up to 2,500 Eco Points per month.


    Find out more ways to earn Eco Points.


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